What you can rely on

Strict compliance with legal regulations and customer requirements is the basis of our actions. By decontaminating machines, professionally disposing of hazardous substances and recycling equipment, we actively contribute to the conservation of natural resources and thus to environmental protection.

Safety, health, environmental protection and quality

The management of Permatech Industrie-Service GmbH believes that the health and safety of all persons involved in the business, environmental protection and service quality are of paramount importance, and that the success of our company and our business – in terms of sustainable growth – depends on each of these factors.

The following principles apply:

  • We are a learning organization whose employees are sufficiently informed and trained in the areas of safety, health, environmental protection and quality, are competent to perform their work and are personally committed to acting in accordance with company policy.
  • We always comply with all laws, regulations and operating licenses in our activities.
  • We implement our policy in the areas of safety, health, environmental protection and quality with the aid of suitable management systems. These are regularly reviewed, the necessary improvement measures are taken and implemented and our improvement programs are checked for sustainability.
  • By taking a preventative approach, we are striving to achieve our goal of zero injuries, zero occupational illnesses, zero environmental emissions, zero waste and zero quality defects.
  • We set targets and improvement programs in the areas of safety, health, environmental protection and quality and review the progress made annually.
  • We analyze the impact of all our existing procedures and working methods on our employees, the environment and our technical services.
  • We use the best available technologies for new investments where this is possible at an acceptable cost and develop services that are safe by nature.
  • Where conditions were created in the past that need to be corrected, we are doing so responsibly.
  • We use fossil fuels, raw materials, water and other natural resources sparingly. We minimize our impact on the environment by routinely reviewing our choice of raw materials, reusing or recycling, aiming for zero waste at source and avoiding the need for post-treatment and disposal. We coordinate with our customers.
  • We ensure that all our purchased products and by-products are manufactured, handled, used and disposed of in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, insofar as we can monitor and significantly influence this.
  • We maintain an open dialog with our employees, customers and all other affected partners about quality, safety, health and environmental protection, taking into account our services in the workplace. We listen to complaints from customers, employees, contractors and the public, take necessary corrective measures and inform our employees about our environmental programs and the goals we have achieved.
  • We are prepared for emergencies with our customers.
  • We investigate all incidents that could have undesirable consequences, such as illness, injury, environmental damage, significant impact on the community, significant destruction of property, disruption to business or damage to the quality of our service, to identify their causes, suggest improvements and distribute an incident report to all those who can benefit from the recommendations.
  • We closely monitor the principles and objectives of the results we achieve in the areas of safety, health, environment and quality. The insights gained from this are also used as important criteria for the selection or non-selection of our subcontractors and personnel leasing companies.

Permatech Industrie-Service GmbH